Friday, February 1, 2013

Velvet Manicure

First I can't find my glass file :( I have looked everywhere. Going to have to buy another and a spare. I didn't notice until after taking these pictures that the file I used did not work as well as a glass one does. I have since taken a file to the top edge to get rid of that tiny bit of white. It wasn't noticeable until I took the picture, go figure.
 Anyways my daughter and son in law gave me this  Ciaté Velvet Manicure™  kit as a Christmas gift.
 In my opinion the color is much darker then the picture on the box but cool none the less. It was easier to do then I thought and took one main coat of the polish and two of polish/crushed velvet. When I do this again I will be heavier on sprinkling the crushed velvet and wait at least 30 min before brushing it off. 
It does not wash away which is what I was afraid it might do. All in all so far I give this a thumbs up. I suggest eating before starting this mani if it is close to meal time. I was very hungry by the time I finished. It took a few hours for me. I am sure it will go faster next time since I know how to work with the product now.

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