Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Here are pictures of one of my Valentine's Day presents from my Hubby. I was keeping my polish in a craft cabinet that was starting to over flow with polish and also became confusing for me to find and remember what polishes I had used or where the one I wanted was. This is an awesome fix! I am SO happy about it. He will be adding a few more shelves for me this weekend for the rest of my polish. I will now be able to see all the colors, brands, types and organize them eventually. For now I just tossed some up.
 The shelves are red oak, 1x2x4 feet each and all together when it is done I will have 28 feet of shelf space. The brackets are antique brass L brackets from Lowe's. Up to now I haven't given much thought to the wall color but am starting to heh.

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