Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This ikea bed/chair has been sitting around in our garage since we moved and I had no where to put it. Originally we bought it as an extra bed after we downsized and moved to an apartment for my daughter to use when she was home from college. But now we live in a house and have combined two households as my other daughter is living with us with her hubby and soon our first grandchild. Finding ways to maximise space and keep available items we might use again is always a win/win. So I saw on pinterest that many people are re purposing pallets and I thought wow we could do that with the ikea chair and still be able to use it as an extra chair or bed! So my hubby installed a track from rubbermaid with hooks and we bought some hooks from Walmart, still need to buy some more to add to this. And wallah a coat rack that can be adjusted at many levels so that when the time comes our grandchild can use it at his level. And if needed we can still unhook it toss a mattress on it as an extra bed for sleepovers.

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