Thursday, January 3, 2013


Downstairs and outside are cleaned and back to normal. Christmas decorations are packed. Just need to take gel stickies and snow off upstairs windows. Even using gloves I broke a nail :( but it is what it is. Also son in law finished painting the babies room so I am going to vacuum and deep clean the rug.
Daughters baby shower is here on 19th so busy getting ready for that. My other daughter is throwing the party and I am helping her. Hosting it at our house since we have the most space.
 Unfortunately my son in law and daughter have been extremely sick with nasty colds the last few days. It is hardest on my daughter since she is pregnant and avoiding all medications. Though if you were to look at my son in law you would think he was suffering the most. Rolls Eyes! My daughter is drinking lots of water and resting when she can but rest is already hard since she can't get comfy at all not even in the recliner. She is 7 or 8 months pregnant still not 100 percent sure of due date. The Dr says March but she looks like Feb to me. On top of the cold this last week she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes which runs on my side of the family so it's been a sucky week for her. On bright side we are all on board to support her and she has already reduced her sugar intake as much as possible and is following  a better diet. The diet change had immediate results. For the record I had already warned both my daughters that gestational diabetes was a possibility if they did not eat right. Bottom line it really wasn't anything she could control another one of those it is what it is. She and baby Logan will be fine. My husband controls his type 2 with diet so we already know what is needed. My husband went from a1c 8.4 to 6.2 in 3 months just with diet and exercise so the Dr decided he did not need to go on medication. My daughter meets with her Dr tomorrow and a nurse and also the Dr wants her to take a class to educate herself. So tomorrow we will find out if she will need medication. So far the Dr just has her monitoring her sugar with a glucose meter.
Anyways very busy here and probably won't have much down time to do nails for a bit.

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