Thursday, December 6, 2012


I am organizing my polish and I get 4 bottles in and find out a bottle is missing. It's just polish right? Wrong! I think I let a daughter borrow it maybe I gave it to her? It isn't a favorite by any means. I don't remember if I did give it away. Could I have possibly finished it...nah I would have remembered that and saved the bottle to use for something else. Besides I didn't really love it. How sad is it that I actually even remember the day I bought this bottle because it has a sexy name. Alas maybe it will find its way home someday. :(
In remembrance I will re post these pictures even though they are before clean up because I was adding a crackle to the top after these were taken. I don't like to do clean up until after I am completely done.

!!!!!!!!!!!! ....... Apologies! to my daughter, (please don't blame me for thinking it though) SO sorry. But I found it. Will hold off mourning any polish until I go through them all and organize them. Lesson Learned.

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