Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Below the Belt

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Polish Essie Below The Belt

My husband's post-op for his first cataract surgery went well. His second will be Dec. 12th. He is seeing the world more clearly now through his one eye. Everything is clear, colorful and bright. He keeps reading signs from far away. It's a whole new world for him! Only one downfall he can't see to read without reading glasses. We picked up temporary ones today after we had stopped to eat. I had to read the menu to him at Ihop. The whole time there he was looking around pointing things out to me that I just always took for granted and he is seeing for the first time. He loves to read signs from far away that he has never been able to read before.
He sees color more clearly now also. This evening he was looking at my rings and said that sapphire is bluer. He is seeing the world for the first time.


  1. Hello! I'm glad to read your husband's op went well! Not being able to see it's awful, you miss so many things of this wonderful world, I'm very shortsighted or longsighted never know how to say... I can't see further than 5 cm without glasses. I wouldn't recognize my son if he was 20 cm afar from my nose. It's awful. Good sight is a blessing most people take for granted, we should be thankful each day for our eyes!!

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am in total agreement we do need to be thankful for our eyes. I empathize with you and thank goodness for glasses!


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