Monday, December 17, 2012


Been busy making cookies, Christmas shopping, getting supplies I need to make a diaper cake for my daughters baby shower next month. At this time of year I don't have a lot of time to put polish on and I also do not like to have polish on my nails when I bake. I figured I would try the elmer's glue method to speed things up when changing colors. On one hand it works well for removing polish on the other hand it seems to not work well for me with some of my polish. This mani only lasted one day. I do not have any before pictures :(
  I am not a fan of the Revlon polish formula. It seems thin even so this color is pretty with hints of pink but looks plastic. I did try this on a nail without the elmer's base and the color was still plastic and blah so the base did not have an effect on the color or formula. It reminds me of Barbie plastic. If you like pastels this would be nice. I seem to buy pastels thinking I will like them because they look pretty in the bottle but when I put a pastel color on umm ya not so much.
base elmer's glue
polish Revlon Ultra Violet

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