Friday, April 13, 2012

Escape Artist

Hour of yard work done :) we have a small yard and only need to do our backyard. Homeowners does the front. So we found out Bailey and Gizmo have no desire to leave home thank goodness. I was upstairs putting my hair back and Ron was in the backyard with the weed whacker when Ron heard Bailey barking and thought to himself that is loud. He had left the door connecting the house ajar and the garage door was open. Bailey was out in our driveway telling the neighborhood this is my house while Gizmo was just inside the garage watching her. Hermione never left the inner sanctum of the house, (she never goes far from me ever). Both dogs went back inside soon as Ron told them to. I am just thankful they did not go far and stayed out of the street. Ron's heart jumped though when he discovered they were out front. I did not find out until after the fact. So word of warning this Spring make sure you close the door if you have pups.

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