Monday, April 9, 2012

Bottles Everywhere

Okay so I just decided to go around the other day and take pictures of places where some of my polish resides. The computer desk of course because I spend most of my time there. The office table, bedroom stash and even in my kitchen behind my granite cleaner you will find a clear coat of polish. I am sure there's more around more then likely on the kitchen table from time to time.
This was a mani I did thinking maybe I would wear this on Easter but at the last minute Easter morning to be exact I took it off. Easter morning I did a fast dry green mani with Easter stickers which I later on peeled off when I got was a long day. I didn't have to cook we went to my daughter and son-in-laws and had an awesome time. I actually didn't peel off the stickers till I got home and was getting ready for bed. They were annoying and catching strands of hair because I did not top coat them... no pictures of my Easter mani but I do have pictures of the mani I should have kept on.. oh well.
First nail pictures are before clean up during the day, later pictures are after clean up and with bottles I used so I keep a picture record for myself.

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