Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finger Paints

I have been wanting to try Finger Paints for over a year now and finally went to Sally Beauty and bought my first two. Winter Sky and Drummer Boy. Love them both and my hubby likes them also. The following pictures do not show you how pretty these two polishes are together. Very shiny and very Christmas like. The bubbles are my fault as I shook the bottle and did not wait for the polish to settle. Drummer Boy hides that mistake very well. I have been missing doing my nails and my hands are a mess but oh well. I put Hermione in the dog pen next to me and sat down to do my nails. It's been to long. So I clipped my nails, filed them using a glass file, applied lotion, washed my hands to remove lotion from nails and did nail hardener coat, waited for that to dry applied ridge filler..dry...applied Winter Sky.. one coat and it was Opaque immediately I was surprised when I saw this polish has a shimmer. When I looked at the bottle I really had no idea that it would. Cleaned around my nails with polish remover, waited for nails to dry took pictures then applied Drummer Boy. This glitter had awesome coverage and shine only one picture comes really close to showing you how it looks and that is my thumb. Wish you could see this polish it gets 4 stars for glam.


  1. I love Finger Paints nail polish. I have these two and I haven't tried them yet. These look beautiful on you.

  2. the color looks so great on you! i love blue polish. and to let you know i tag you an award.

  3. Thank you Yoannita. While shopping today I actually had a few people comment on the color and ask about it. In the Sephora shop one of the clerks just about grabbed up my hand to look, lol. I would recommend this color to anyone who likes blue.


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