Monday, September 19, 2011


Pictures can not capture the beauty of this foil or my rings for that matter. It took 4 coats for an okay coverage but since this is such a thin polish it's acceptable for me. I wish you could really see how pretty this is. Spectrum would not normally be a color I would pick. I told my husband to go look at my stash and pick a color for me this is what he came out with. Sally Hansen HD Spectrum. I have used this color before but not since until this week. Oh I also have a new ring from my hubby. My wedding ring no longer fits and I like the white gold and sapphire my hubby has given me.

Wedding ring

New ring

New ring with last years gift


  1. It's a pretty color - but I've seen it before. It reminds me a lot of OPI Austintacious Turquoise (even with it being on the thin side). Your new ring is so pretty! I <3 sapphires!

  2. It's an old polish. I found a post from 2010 where I had stamped it. I have decided to let my hubby pick my polish for the next few weeks just to see what he chooses. Thank you I love sapphires.


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