Monday, August 22, 2011

L A Colors Shimmer Brights

My daughter gave me a set of L.A. Colors Shimmer Brights and I played with them today. This is what happened.
I opened up the package and used the black first.
 Then I was going to try that straw blowing technique so I went for the pinkish/red and it was so pretty I just covered the whole nail because it was this awesome purple.

I did not stop here as I really wanted to do that straw technique. So I grabbed the green. Then I messed up I think the straw is to big so I grabbed the orange and this is what happened.

I like how it turned out even though it isn't what I intended.


  1. That is so cool. What is the straw blowing tech?

  2. I have seen on a few blogs where people have dipped straws into polish and then blown polish on the nails. Here's a link to one.

  3. this is cool! such a cute pressie from your daughter

    shel xx


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