Friday, July 22, 2011


Okay, I made this back around the 4th of July. I got this recipe from Kitschy Suburbia  .  Love her site she has some lovely nail art and frequently posts easy recipes to whip up. Megan has a great sense of humor and I encourage you if you have not visited her site to do so. Here are some pics of the yummy Nutella Mug Cake I made using the recipe posted on Kitschy Suburbia . Megan's title for her post is, "Silence That Sweet Tooth" and date of the post June 21, 2011. This is a perfect dessert for me because the serving is not very large. It is just my hubby and I now and he can't have desserts so this satisfies my need for something sweet and doesn't leave something tempting around the house for very long. This was so good!

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