Sunday, May 15, 2011


My youngest daughter came over to visit today and brought me a Mothers Day gift. Some polish I have been wishing for and Aloe Moisture Gloves. My Texas/shatter mani is still looking good with zero chips so I will be keeping that on another day or so. My daughter looked over my stash then picked out polish for her nails. She just finished college and is a substitute teacher while pursuing a full time teaching position. Boo, (my nickname for her) works at Sam's Club between sub jobs. Her hands take a beating so we did some clipping, filing, soaking and cuticle removal. Started with a nail strengthener base, a coat of L.A.Colors Color Craze "Splash", quick dry seche, silver shatter and a top coat of seche. We have moved outside of the city now so it was an unexpected visit and if you ask me those are the best gifts my kids can give me!  Yes teachers have Moms that call them by nicknames. Barb will always be my Boo Bear and my oldest will always be Pumpkin it is what it is, heh.


  1. the silver shatter looks awesome!

  2. Internet ate my comments on this post. I thank each of you that did comment I read them all in my e-mail. But when I went to publish them Blogger told me "The comment doesn't exist or no longer exists." on each comment.


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