Sunday, May 1, 2011


First couple of pictures are of  polish my daughter and son in law gave me for Mothers Day. I know it's early but I won't be seeing them on Mothers Day. And I was Happy with their choices for me. Really happy about the pro fx since it isn't available where we have moved. And then today my daughter called all excited about her Hubbys hair cut. Which by the way was a good hair cut. I can't remember exactly what she said because as soon as she told me she had found shatter I was super excited. You see my husband, daughters and I have been looking high and low for shatter and it has been sold out for months everywhere. I mean months! Or some places did not get a shipment it's crazy. I was getting depressed because it seemed to me every blog I looked on everyone had shatter except me and I have been lemming for shatter since before the Katy Perry one, seriously only before shatter it was crackle. So I am thrilled. They picked up two bottles of black and one of silver from Hair Masters who'd of thought? I didn't and I am so glad my Son in law decided to get his hair cut today. Thank you Josh and Tara.

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