Monday, March 21, 2011

Gleek Out

 The green polish above is Sephora Gleek Out by OPI.
Below are  pictures of my nails before I started using fx strengthener and the last picture is after ten days. I was really worried about the peeling that had started on my nails and I have to say I am extremely happy with the pro fx strengthener. I feel and see a difference that pictures just can't show. I think eventually the nail color will also improve. I liked this strengthener so much I just purchased cuticle oil and a ridge filler from the same product line.


  1. i think you use lemon , your nails are yellower :/

  2. Have tried lemon and denture tabs even buffing the stains out but since I polish my real nails so much that was causing to much damage. I ended up cutting them down due to breakage and growing out the stains. Today my nails are still on the mend from moving but looking better. Thanks though lemon is a good tip and normally would work. Also I have used toothpaste whitener.


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