Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What ya doin?

Ok so you might be wondering what is with all the pictures. Well this polish changes depending on the light. I looked all over trying to find out if maybe someone had a good picture already and honestly I don't think anyone does. These do not even really show you the beauty of this polish. I love dark colors, love dark chocolate, purple, gold, Port Wine, shimmer I am drawn to these like a moth to flame. Ok well maybe not the wine so much though I do enjoy a glass now and then. I read the reviews many wrote that this is a double of another polish, 2 other polishes were mentioned. I don't own those but I do own this one.  Tease-Y Does It by OPI. I used OPI base coat, 2 coats of Tease-Y Does It and OPI top coat. Bailey was like what the fraq are you doing as I tried to take pictures. I just could not capture this color the way I wanted to. These pictures are the best I could do with my crummy camera. But you can see the chocolate and purple a bit depending on the light.


  1. You did a good job capturing this color!! I have Nubar Raspberry Truffle and it's very similar (and very hard to get an accurate picture).

  2. Thank you it really is hard to capture. I wish sometimes I had the money for a professional set up and knew what I was doing.


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