Monday, January 31, 2011

Jewel Tone

Hey, Anchor Blue filed bankruptcy and my daughter bought me a couple of polishes while shopping there. I was going to stamp that matte I had on but instead I used one of the polishes and added some glitter. I have to note here that the LA Girls Matte Rose is holding up really well and with no top coat. So here are some pictures of the Matte Rose with L.A. Colors color craze Jewel Tone on top. I still have some much to learn about the application of glitter. Thank you Pumpkin for the polish I will use the other one another time for now I am enjoying this one. Peace peeps.


  1. oh this is really pretty. i have a bunch of the color craze polishes but none that have glitter, it looks really nice :D always pleasantly surprised with them (except that one time i thought this ugly orange was a pink lolol)

  2. I wish i had this brand in here this colours looks so cool

  3. This was pretty and I wish I had top coated it because it started to chip yesterday or was it evening before. Anyhoo, I liked this combo alot, thank you for your comments.


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