Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Claires scented polish. Banana , took 3 coats to get it opaque. It does smell like banana's though. Sorry my nails still need more clean up but I wanted to get some pictures before I lost light. I used a paint brush to do edge and still need to wash off the excess. If wondering why the polish is spread onto my finger the way it is, it's because I did start the clean up and used a paint brush to get a nice edge. Peace peeps!
No flash



  1. wow smell like banana! and i like the colour

  2. Now THAT is a yellow!! It really smells like bananas? That's bananas! LOL

  3. omgg i love this color yellow!! im gonna go see if mine has it (= thanks for sharing!

  4. Yup it really smells like banana when it drys. My hubby rates the smell between 1-10 as a 7. Everytime I raise my coffee to drink I inhale banana.

  5. i don't have any scented nail polish but this yellow is really pretty. i have to take a look at claire's


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