Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sinful Colors HD Nails

Quick post of pictures for my records. I am going thru polishes I own to see if anything I have will work for an evening holiday party. Yesterdays gold is a strong contender. I do like this green and the glitter is ok but it isn't what my daughter and I are looking for. I didn't put Milani Gems on all my nails because I am going to try another polish tommorow and glitter is a pain to remove. I would rather not torture my hands and nails more then I need to. Yes I could do this on a wheel but for me it just is not the same. Anyways here are two pictures of Sinful Colors Professional HD Nails with seche base, pinkie has Milani Gems and no top coat on any of my nails. This green is shiny alone. Though I don't like it alone and if I was going to keep this mani I would gem all my nails and be a happy camper. Very Christmassy. But not the polish we're questing for in my trove. I don't like the second picture because my fingers are not lined up right but it was best shot I had of Gems. Peace

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  1. I like that green. And the glitter on your pinkie spices it up just a bit.


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