Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Accidentally burnt my right hand think it was Friday. It's getting better but the last thing I want near it is nail polish remover. Few more days and I think I will be okie dokie. It was a nasty steam burn. Asked my hubby to put some mac and cheese in the microwave and he didn't vent it. He felt terrible when I pulled it out and Owie. Stupid move on my part not being careful with a hot mic'd dish of mac and cheese. And he got a small lecture about venting food. Lucky for me we have some betadine around. Tossed my hand under cold water to numb the pain, ice'd it, poured bedadine on it and kept it dry and clean all week. It looks good. Blister is gone and new skin is growing nicely. Not first time i have burned myself probably not the last. Heh, Peace peeps. Daughter just got home and is talking a mile minute I need to go.


  1. Oh no! I'm glad it's starting to get better. Burns are the worst!

  2. They are I am actually a burn survivor at the age of 7 I had like 20 percent of my body burned. But that was long ago. Big or small getting burned sucks.


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