Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Klean Color Purple

This polish stayed on for maybe 5 minutes. I just did not like it. On the bright side I bought these at the dollar store so I don't feel to bad about not liking them. Klean Color Purple with Klean Color Starry Purple on top.

In case someone skips my post comment I should clarify why I don't like this polish, heh. It is a bit too Barbie for me. If I was younger I would probably love it. Ever see plastic Barbie purple? Well this is a close to that. Also it takes awhile to dry but that could be because the weather here is very damp. We've had record rainfall.


  1. What was is about the polish that you didn't like? I like the color(s).

  2. It felt a little to Barbie for me. I think if I was a young teen I would love it. Also it took forever to dry. But that could be the weather here. It is very damp we just had record rainfall.

  3. I hear you about the color, but I do like the Starry Purple finish. It looks like raindrops in your picture!

  4. The Starry Purple is a real chunky glitter in alot of clear polish. Very shiny.


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