Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Insta-Dry Quick Sand

Nothing is dry here. This time that isn't glitter on my nails it's rain. I chopped my nails shorter since Thanksgiving is coming and that means baking and cooking. I prefer shorter nails for that I decided. I love this color even though it is plain. It does have a shimmer to it. I used a base coat then applied two coats of Quick Sand with no top coat. The shine you see is how it is out of the bottle. Peace!


  1. I really like this color as a fall neutral! And I can't believe you're already thinking about Thanksgiving, but I guess its coming up fast!

  2. I'm not much for nudes, but this color looks good on you. What kinda things are you making for Turkey Day?

  3. Yup I have to plan ahead for the Holidays. In the past when I waited to long the stores would be sold out of food supplies I needed. Pretty much we have a traditional Thanksgiving Feast.


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