Monday, November 22, 2010

First Snow

First snow! Can feel the holiday in the air. This week is a busy week. Today was tackle every piece of laundry day. Get it done put away then glare at anyone who makes any big laundry messes. I started my day though with a me only time and gave myself the head to toe spa treatment minus the mani and pedi that will be tomorrow. Ok am off to iron hubbys shirts .. I hate ironing but he insists on 100 percent cotton. I look at it though as putting my stamp on him. Pretty sure he is the only guy with an ironed cotton shirt where he works. I bought a couple of new polishes this weekend at Fred Meyer will share one hopefully tomorrow if I have time. Peace.

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  1. I despise ironing! I have a large pile of it calling my name for when I get home tonight. :( The mountains around Albuquerque got snow today, too. It's been cold and windy - I wish we would've gotten snow in the valley.


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