Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nailslick Sunrise and Bats

This polish was kicking around in a drawer. It was so old that, *gasp* I had to shake it. I am so glad we kept it. I say we because I am pretty sure this belongs to one of my daughters. I used CG nailslicks Sunrise over a base coat, konad black special polish and BM13. I had a few smudges after I put a top coat on. So I did some touch up. After redoing one nail I messed up I said sqrew it. I envy all those perfect konads out there. This one will work for now. I was up all night playing World of Warcraft and doing my nails. I will try to get pictures of this mani during the day later. For now though here is what I have with indoor lighting. Thank you for stopping by. I need to go get some sleep.
  Ok I am awake. Below are the pictures I just took. I used a detail brush with the Sunrise polish to touch up some of the smears.


  1. This looks cute! Unless you're looking at it from 6 inches away, you can't see the smudging. Yay for WoW and doing your nails. LOL

  2. Thank you, hehe I had to change my glyphs on my WOW toons and talents due to a huge patch to the game yesterday so I was able to multi task my nails and the game. I am still not done fixing all my toons.


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