Friday, September 3, 2010

Silver Lining


This polish has been reviewed even so I wanted to try it since the bottle caught my eye. Not opaque but very shiny. I was lining a sheet with foil today and this polish matched it. My one regret is that my nails are a little discolored under the polish and that can be seen in the photos but not in real life unless my hand is in your face heh. Time for a lemon treatment and lots of lotion and love. I use lotion all the time especially because of my age and wear and tear over the years on my hands. Also a base coat and still my nails discolor some. Oh well, sigh. Ok so this polish is Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure in Silver Lining. I like it and my husband likes it. I would put this polish on for an evening out. Gizmo liked this polish also it is so shiny he chased my hands when I was petting him.
I love this picture of Gizmo this is his favorite toy at the moment. He drags it everywhere.


  1. hi!
    i just found your blog and i like it!
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  2. Hi,
    Really nice manicure. :) LOVING it.
    I found your blog through your comment to maRyya. :)
    I'm following you now.

  3. what a great color! love it! <3
    I'm following you :)


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