Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hot Topic Apple

Ok so I was talking with my daughter this last evening about what might be a good design for her nails that she could wear. And my thoughts are an apple. I wanted to do a red apple on a black background but she veto'd that idea. Black nails would not be good for a second grade teacher so I went with a white background. These pictures are taken at around 2:30 am with a flash because I am a night owl. Not bad considering this is my second time trying any freehand design and I know nothing about cameras. Sorry pictures are dark if this mani is still nice when I wake up I will try to take pic during the day. I just wanted to get some before I went to sleep. Never know what condition a mani will be in when you go to sleep right after.

I used Essie First Base as base coat, N.Y.C. Little Italy for white, Hot Topic glitter red no name on bottle for apple, Hot Topic green for leaf again no name on bottle, and Wet N Wild Craze Rustic for the stem.
It's 2:49 pm am adding this picture I took during the day.

And pictures for my other daughter as requested of Gizmo in his noobie booties. He is not a happy camper in these pictures.


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