Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pink Right hand

So I decided to swatch a bunch of pink polish to see which ones might be ok on an interview. Not for me but for my daughter to look at. Here's my right hand. I know I need practice using a French tip pen. Anyway , I started with Kiss Draw-on French tip pen and OPI base coat. For the Thumb I used Sinful colors Dozen Roses , Index has Sinful colors Beautiful Girl , Middle has OPI Aphrodites Pink Nightie , Ring has Sinful colors Pink Forever , on the pinkie I used L.A. Colors color craze Exotic Pink.

I asked my husband to tell me which one he liked best and afterwards I told him the name. He picked Aphrodites Pink Nightie. It's a nice color not to pink or flashy. My daughter liked that one also. I liked the pinkie L.A. color craze Exotic Pink not for an interview though but because it reminds me of strawberry rubarb pie. YUM! Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl is well I think of Peach not pink when I look at it. Sinful Colors Pink Forever is most definitely pink and bright for an interview. Sinful Colors Dozen Roses might be ok.

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