Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pink Left

My hubby and I were shopping at Fred Meyer and he spotted this craft cabinet/table and talked me into getting it. When we got home he put it together for me and I love it. I told him I would post pics. Most polishes fit in the drawers. I do have to put the taller Insta nail polish in the deeper bottom drawer but that's ok. This is awesome and so much easier to get to then rummaging thru shoeboxes.

I had not yet bought a French Nail tip pen when I did this hand I wish I had. I think these shades of pink would look good with a French tip. I used O.P.I. base coat , On my thumb I used S.H. Diamond Strength Angels Trumpet , Index I used Wet N Wild Crystalic Heavenly , Middle Julep Carrie (creme) , Ring I used Sinful Colors Mission Pink , and for the pinkie I used Loreal How Romantic.
All of these except the Julep are sheer even after 4 coats. I used 3 on the middle. Even so I like them and would personally wear all but the Julep and SH on an interview. The Angels Trumpet is more of a wedding pink in my opinion and the Carrie reminds me of a Barbie pink. What can I say to me it is too cute for an interview.


  1. I agree, totally think that those would all look good with a french tip. I'm a big fan of french tip and I especially like pink. I think I like the Loreal How Romantic the most.

  2. it's very very tidy (: i like it


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